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Our cloud based automated Variants platform is ready for you

Carmel, Indiana., October 23, 2021 - We are happy to share with you the following improvements we made with our Variants platform. Now Variants is automated, security certification incorporated, faster, parallel computing enabled, individual user login included and more.

1. Speed

  • Get your SNP and In-Del variants of 4 samples with >30x coverage of a eukaryotic organism in about 4 hours

  • More than 11 times faster than traditional GATK and other platforms

  • Faster Innovation: 41 days saving for 96 samples

2. Versatile Ways of Data Uploading

  • You can upload the public or private data directly from NCBI-SRA databases or through FTP link/AWS-S3 bucket.

  • Multiple samples can be uploaded through 'Bulk Edit" feature.

  • Indexing of your reference genome for using them in any genome browsers.

  • Just need reference genome in fasta, gff3 for annotation and sample data in fastq formats.

3. Queue Manager

  • You can submit any number of jobs in "Single" or "Multi" workflow.

  • All jobs will be queued and get automatically prioritized based on the time of job submission.

  • Easy to check how many jobs are waiting in the queue, how many are added to the queue and how many are running.

  • If there are errors, you can see the status here and reset the queue and continue running the jobs.

4. Integrated Data Quality Report

  • Get the data quality report for all your sample data through integrated FastQC.

  • Provides 11 different quality parameters for your sample sequence data.

  • No need to run this report separately.

To learn more about our Variants platform and start using them, please send us an email to

About Us Karyosoft Inc. was founded with a mission to empower life scientists with easy-to-use software solutions for genomics data and accelerate time to market for their innovations in life sciences. We believe life scientists should spend less time managing data and more time on answering biological questions that are valuable to their organizations. Our vision is to become industry leaders in providing next generation customized software solutions that make complex genomics data analytics simple in life sciences research. Karyosoft Inc. is technology start-up headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA ( Please send a mail to for further information.

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