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SNP Variant Calling Made Easy

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use with just a few clicks and web-based


  • Cost-effective


  • A secured permanent repository for all your SNPs


  • A simple report for whole-genome SNP distribution


  • All your genomic SNP information at your fingertips

What all do I get?

  • A comprehensive SNP Variants report across all genomic regions such as exons, introns, intergenic and more


  • Annotations include genes, SNP effect, SNP db, and more   


  • Easy to correlate the effect of SNPs with the phenotype


  • Custom genotyping chip design with the SNPs of interest 

How do I use it?

  • Open SNP variant calling software on any browser


  • Upload the reference genome sequences of your interest

  • Upload the raw data of your sample(s) of interest


  • Just click a few buttons and get your results  

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