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Ingateygen LLC, USA testimonial on Karyosoft's Loci platform

1. What is your research? 

My research involves targeting genes for CRISPR knockout in plant species.


2. What do you use Genomics data in your research for?

We use genomics data to identify exact sequences in our organisms and determine copy number/ SNP variation.


3. What are the pain points (hardest part), more specifically on genomics data analysis in your genomics research?

There is a large amount of data, and keeping it organized across a variety of different programs (NCBI, genome browser, etc.) is difficult

4. Why are these problems hard for you?

These problems are difficult especially because the organisms that we use do not have publicly available genomes.


5. What have you done to circumvent those pain points?

I did not have any specific solutions to these issues.


6. What don’t you like about the solutions that you have tried before using Karyosoft?

I lacked solutions to these problems before using Karyosoft.


7. How do you intend to use Karyosoft platform in your research?

I used the Karyosoft platform to house all my genomic sequences, use the integrated BLAST and genome browser, and download the fasta sequences of our loci of interest.


8. What values do you think the Karyosoft platform brings to your research?

Karyosoft allows me to be more efficient in my workflow.

           8a. If Karyosoft saves time, how much time it saves?

         Karyosoft saves significant time (my work takes less than half the time it normally would)

           8b. If Karyosoft saves money, how much it saved?

        Time is money, so saving time in my primary workflow leaves time for other tasks.

           8c. Any other values?

        The technical support and rapid response to questions from the Karyosoft team is excellent.



9. Do you recommend the Karyosoft platform to fellow researchers? 

I highly recommend the Karyosoft platform to fellow researchers. It becomes even more useful as the number of genomes we are working with increases.


 10. Any other feedback?

 My experience with Karyosoft has been great, and I am excited to continue using it.

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