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 Your In-House Secure GenBank for All Your Genomics Data

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Groundbreaking Data Management Platform


  • Enables the organization for thousands of public (e.g. NCBI) and proprietary genomes in a single platform, and seamlessly scale as the data size increases.


  • Flexible to be installed either behind the firewall in your internal servers or in the cloud (e.g. Google_GCP , Amazon_AWS).


  • Stores annotated fasta sequence data from all sequencing platforms


Interactive Search and Exploration


  • Provides interactive search features to retrieve and explore the data from public and proprietary ones using various keywords (e.g. genus, species, domains, genes, proteins etc.).  


  • e.g. 1) Find all genomes that belongs to a certain taxonomy rank (i.e. genus Bacillus); 2) Find all genes and proteins that contain a domain of interest.


  • Search >500 million data-points and get the results in a few seconds


Flexible Single/Multi/Custom BLAST Analyses


  • Best-in-class flexibility for your BLAST analyses.


  • Scientists can easily select a query using countless options based on taxonomy or collection type (public or private) and choose a myriad of databases, including public databases like NCBI nr/nt, NCBI patent database and proprietary for this analysis.


Interactive Genomics Data Visualization


  • Integrated JBrowse for interactive visualization of the genomes and annotations. No additional installation required!

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