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Karyosoft: Services


Our Functional Model

Karyosoft: Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development


  • With our proven core strength on developing software platform and extensive background in life sciences, Karyosoft offers customized software solutions.

  • These can be extensions of our existing products or new innovative ones in R&D areas, though not limited to, such as data management, inventory management and product development pipeline.

  • We partner with customers to develop custom software product(s), implement and support them to achieve their end results effectively and efficiently.

Karyosoft: Consultation



  • Karyosoft offers world-class scientific and technological support to streamline workflow in areas as diverse as customer needs in agricultural biotechnology.

  • We have deep understanding and insights on key areas such as linkage mapping, QTL analysis, molecular genetics, trait introgression, integration of technologies, genomics, pedigree verification, and molecular and classical breeding.

  • Our support includes, though not limited to, strategy development, suitable technological incorporation, and efficient lab set up for cost- effective, time saving, and high quality product development.  

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