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Person Analyzing Data

Variant Mining Studio
SNP and Indel Mining Made Easy and Secure


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Key Benefits

  • A central repository for all your millions of SNPs and Indels.


  • Data organized in project specific and/or organism specific (microbes, animals, plants, humans and more).


  • Hosted on your internal servers or any cloud servers.

  • No more data loss; No need to open on excel.


  • Web-based and user-friendly for anywhere and anytime on any device

All Variants Data and All Your Projects in One Place

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  • Create the "Project" and "Organism" and upload the vcf files of SNPs and Indels and keep all your millions of SNPs and Indels in an organized way in one-place.


  • Serves as a central repository for all your SNPs and Indels and easy retrieval of mutation information quickly at anytime and anywhere to drive innovations. 

Easy Upload

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  • Select the "Project" and the "Organism" from which the SNP and Indel data were generated

  • Either by clicking "Browse" or "Drag the files" and choose vcf files of SNPs and Indels.


  • Click "Save" for uploading the data.

  • SNPs and Indels from the vcf files will automatically be uploaded into "SNPs" and "Indels" tabs.

One Click Variants Data Mining

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  • Just click "Explore" in the project of interest in the "Projects" tab.


  • The project and organism are already pre-selected, and all your SNPs will be

       displayed on "SNPs" tab.

  • Click on the "Indels" tab to view all your Indels.

Versatile Search

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  • Search the millions of SNPs and Indels in "SNPs" and Indels" tab by gene name, annotation effect, putative impact, chromosome number


  • With "Advanced Search", you can search by giving genomic location interval (For e.g. 10,000 - 30,000) to retrieve SNPs and Indels in that specific interval.

All Genotypic Data in One-Place

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  • By clicking the "Chromosome" in the first column, you can find the "Genotype" calls of all your samples in homozygous or heterozygous state including missing data.


  • By clicking on the ">", you can find the annotation information of that specific locus.


  • Easy download of only the selected SNPs and Indels" at a specific genomic location

       by clicking "Download".

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