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ICAR-IISR, India testimonial on Karyosoft's Loci platform


1. What is your research? 

My current research involves the identification and characterization of genes associated with various agronomic and physiological traits in plants


2. Does your research involve genomics?

Yes, my research involves comparative and functional genomics studies including large-scale sequencing.


3. What do you use Genomics data in your research?

I use the raw genomics data mainly for the identification of variants such as SNPs, Indels, microsatellites, and the whole genome sequence (WGS) data for gene discovery


4. What are the pain points, more specifically on genomics data analysis in your current workflow?

The whole-genome sequence from various accessions is generated and used for comparative genomics studies. The whole-genome sequence data is difficult to browse and explore for the identification of genes and proteins. Currently, I am keeping the sequence data on my computer without having a suitable mechanism to mine the data for gene discovery. Also, I do not have a way to share this data with my collaborator within my institute and also other branches of my institute across the country.


5. Have you tried any other technologies to circumvent those pain points?

I tried other technologies, but, they do not provide a single platform to perform all my sequence data analysis. Also, they are not user-friendly and are time-consuming.


6. What values do you think the Karyosoft platform brings to your research?

Karyosoft platform has helped in the identification of key genes associated with various traits. The online platform is fast, user friendly, and provides easy access to explore the genomic data. It is highly useful in large scale genomics studies. Also, as a central data repository, this platform brings not only me but also my colleagues together and helps us to use the data for our various projects which I think is necessary to drive innovations.


7. How do you intend to use our platform in your research?

We are generating additional whole-genome sequence data from our own germplasm for gene discovery. Karyosoft’s platform will help us in the identification of new and unique genes with high precision and will help in the molecular breeding projects. The platform will help me to share these genomic data with my collaborators and also for comparison with other public databases.


8. Do you recommend the Karyosoft platform to fellow researchers? 

Yes, I will definitely recommend the Karyosoft platform to all the researchers who are dealing with the large-scale data generation and analysis of whole-genome sequences.

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