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Karyosoft joins International Phytobiomes Alliance

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Carmel, Indiana., March 8, 2019- We are happy to announce that Karyosoft joined International Phytobiomes Alliance as as a sponsoring partner. Our CEO, Rajesh Perianayagam will represent Karyosoft on the Alliance Coordinating Committee.

We are honored to join the Phytobiomes Alliance team. Because Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies are getting cheaper, scientists, on one hand, get the opportunities to discover novel microbes, microbial community and their interactions, but on the other hand, face challenges to manage and mine this “genomical” amount of sequence data. Transforming this big data into novel innovations rapidly make a huge impact in agriculture, human health and other areas of life sciences. By becoming a part of Phytobiomes Alliance team, Karyosoft gets an opportunity to change the world using microbial genomics data,” says Rajesh Perianayagam, Karyosoft Founder and CEO.

Phytobiomes Alliance: The Phytobiomes Alliance is an international, nonprofit alliance of industry, academic, and governmental partners. The Alliance facilitates and coordinates international efforts toward expanding phytobiomes research consistent with the Phytobiomes Roadmap that was released in February 2016. The vision of Alliance is by 2050, all farmers have the ability to use predictive and prescriptive analytics based on geophysical and biological conditions for determining the best combination of crops, management practices, and inputs for a specific field in a given year. To learn more about Alliance, please visit

About Us Karyosoft Inc. was founded with a mission to empower life scientists with easy to use software solutions for genomics data and accelerate time to market for their innovations in life sciences. We believe life scientists should spend less time managing data and more time on answering biological questions that are valuable to their organizations. Our vision is to become industry leaders in providing next generation customized software solutions that make complex genomics data analytics simple in life sciences research. Karyosoft Inc. is technology start-up headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA. ( Please send a mail to for further information.

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