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Software Solutions For Non-Programming Life Scientists 

Loci: Genomics Data Management Platform


  • Research indicates that scientists spend 25% to 80% of their time just on data preparation due to a lack of suitable tools in their organizations.


  • Karyosoft offers proprietary Loci, a web-based genomic software platform, that minimizes this data preparation time and helps life scientists to efficiently store, organize, manage, analyze, and visualize genome sequence data.


  • With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, Loci unifies and connects large-scale genomics data directly to scientists accelerating data to innovations.


  • Loci is like your in-house secure GenBank for all your genomics data

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Our Company


  • Karyosoft, a fast-growing genomics software and data science start-up company, empowers life scientists to effectively manage, democratize, and quickly transform a vast amount of genomics data into innovations within their secured on-premise or cloud environment and frees up bioinformaticians' time.


  • Our vision is to be the industry leaders in making complex genomics data management and analytics simple for life scientists and empowering them to solve global problems such as plant health, animal health, human health faster.


  • Our mission is to unify all genomics data in one place and connect them to life scientists with time and cost-saving software solutions to accelerate innovations.

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We help you to customize our platforms for your needs that will empower you to innovate faster, save time and cost.


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Variants: Variant Calling Platform


  • The discovery of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and Insertions-Deletions (In-Dels) variations in your population has vast applications in your research including understanding the genetic component underlying the traits of interest. 

  • Imagine if Variant Calling is done through just a few clicks and automated and completed in less than 4 hours per sample.


  • Imagine if all those allelic variants in your population are available at your fingertips.