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  • Research indicates that scientists spend about 80% of their work just on data preparation that delays "Time to Market" for their innovations.


  • Karyosoft offers proprietary Loci, a web-based genomics intelligence software platform, that minimizes this data preparation time and helps life scientists to efficiently store, organize, manage, analyze, and visualize microbial genome sequence data.


  • With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, Loci unifies and connects large-scale genomics data directly to life scientists accelerating data to innovations.


 Our Company


  • Karyosoft, a fast-growing genomics software and data science start-up company, helps life scientists to efficiently manage and to quickly transform the vast amount of genomics data into innovations within their secured on-premise or cloud environment.


  • Our vision is to be the industry leaders in making complex genomics data analytics simple for life scientists solving global problems such as plant, animal, and human health.


  • Our mission is to unify all genomics data in one place and connect them to life scientists with time and cost-saving software solutions to accelerate innovations.

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We help you to customize Loci for your needs that will empower you to innovate faster, save time and cost.


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