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Krannert school of management students at Purdue University helping companies through ELI program

Carmel, Indiana., December 12, 2018-  We had the privilege of working with Krannert Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) project team consists of Yun (Winnie) Lo, William Petro, Hingbo Yu and Yaning Zhang under the supervision of Dr. Michael Kregar for creating high professional quality accounting documents such as income statement, cash flow and balance sheet which are essential for business to develop financial projections to determine the financial status of the company. All the aforementioned Masters in Accounting students are thorough, highly motivated and energetic to fulfill the scope of the project above and beyond. This accounting consulting projects provide the opportunity for students in their Master in Accounting program to assist not-for-profit and early stage companies establish systems to accurately and effectively manage and monitor their financial performance.To learn more about ELI program, please visit


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Karyosoft LLC was founded with a mission to empower biologists with novel software solutions and accelerate innovations in life sciences. We believe scientists should spend less time managing data and more time on answering biological questions that are valuable to their organizations. Our vision is to become industrial leader in providing next generation software solutions in life sciences through our core values of innovation, integrity and inspiration. Karyosoft LLC brings the best and the latest cutting-edge technologies to develop software solutions. Karyosoft LLC is technology start-up headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA.  ( Please send a mail to for further information.

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