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Karyosoft selected for Health Wildcatters Accelerator program

Carmel, Indiana., July 10, 2020 - We are proud to announce that Karyosoft is among nine startups from across the globe selected for the Dallas-based seed accelerator Health Wildcatters. Startups receive investment from Health Wildcatters and a diverse curriculum to speed a startup’s growth.

“This is a magnificent opportunity to build connections and expand the reach of our startup,” said Rajesh Perianayagam, founder and CEO of Karyosoft. “It is such a good feeling to be part of this nationally known accelerator that has learning programs in place to help speed growth.”

“'Data security is very important for our clients,” Perianayagam said. “We want to unify all genomics data in one place as a central data repository and connect to life scientists through a simple-to-use platform within their secured environment. This improved workflow will help them to easily access and analyze the data to solve global problems such as human and livestock health, along with crop improvement.”

Health Wildcatters was founded in 2013 to address the need for a health innovation hub in the burgeoning Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex health care industry. Since its inception, the Health Wildcatters portfolio through the Accelerator Program has grown to 68 startups and has raised over $100 million, solidifying Health Wildcatters as one of the top health care accelerators in the country according to Seed Accelerator Rankings Project, a study conducted by MIT, the University of Richmond and Rice University. This accelerator program is a fast and furious time period in which Health Wildcatters connects startups to a vast network of mentors and investors and presents a diverse curriculum to accelerate the startups' growth.

About Us Karyosoft Inc. was founded with a mission to empower life scientists with easy to use software solutions for genomics data and accelerate time to market for their innovations in life sciences. We believe life scientists should spend less time managing data and more time on answering biological questions that are valuable to their organizations. Our vision is to become industry leaders in providing next generation customized software solutions that make complex genomics data analytics simple in life sciences research. Karyosoft Inc. is technology start-up headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA. ( Please send a mail to for further information.

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