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Our Founder answered to important questions for entrepreneurs in Founders Fire Chat Show - III

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Carmel, Indiana., March 26, 2021 -Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Rajesh Perianayagam participated in the show and answered and got valuable feedback from Artem Gassen, Investor, SaaS Growth Ventures ( to one of the three questions "Methods Do You Use Today To Demonstrate Value You Deliver To Your Customers?".

Thanks to Thor Wood, Founder/CEO of SnapShyft and Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at SaaS Growth Ventures for inviting our Founder/CEO to participate in this Founders Fire Chat Show.

About Founder Fire Chat Show

This show is more of a conversation around what it is the founders have built and SaaS/enterprise related hurdles they have faced/are facing. Ideally 3 questions or hurdles shared and 15 minutes of positive feedback/suggestions from an investor panel. This is not a pitch show, rather it is intended to be friendly & approachable content that SaaS/enterprise founders can watch to gain insights that help them become even more successful on their journey. Each show will feature 2-3 founders, and run up to 1 hour total. If you want to join Founders Fire Chat and get valuable feedback, please fill out a 5 minutes form:

About Us Karyosoft Inc. was founded with a mission to empower life scientists with easy to use software solutions for genomics data and accelerate time to market for their innovations in life sciences. We believe life scientists should spend less time managing data and more time on answering biological questions that are valuable to their organizations. Our vision is to become industry leaders in providing next generation customized software solutions that make complex genomics data analytics simple in life sciences research. Karyosoft Inc. is technology start-up headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA ( Please send a mail to for further information.

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