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Karyosoft in AWS Marketplace

Updated: May 28, 2022

Carmel, Indiana—June 3, 2022. Today marks an important milestone for Karyosoft as we have made our Variants platform available to AWS customers globally through AWS marketplace.

Karyosoft is focused on developing simple-to-use, in-house genomics data management, analytics and visualization platforms for life scientists to get insights in seconds, combining public and private data within their secured on-premise and/or cloud environment.

Dr. Rajesh Perianayagam, Founder and CEO of Karyosoft, says, “In life sciences, discovering molecular variations (SNPs and Indels) among individual microbes, plants, animals, and humans is a critical component of scientific innovations. The faster the molecular variations are discovered; the faster the scientists will find solutions for global problems in plants, animals, microbes, humans and other organisms. We strongly believe that innovators must be given necessary tools that are easy to use which is the key for faster innovations. Keeping that in mind, we developed user-friendly Variants - a faster mutation discovery platform. In cooperation with AWS marketplace, now we are able to make Variants platform easily accessible to agrignomics scientists and also other life scientists globally and empower them to drive innovations faster. Proud to have this collaboration.”

Benefits of Variants Platform:

  1. Faster (hours vs days) and can save up to 168 days for 96 samples (

  2. Being web-based, the users can access Variants on any browser and any device.

  3. With a user-friendly interface, Variants can be operated by anyone with any level of computational skills with just 5 clicks.

  4. Flexibility to use single or multiple samples by uploading public or private data

  5. With an integrated queue manager, the users can run any number of jobs and learn the status of each job.

  6. Simple uploading of only reference genome in fasta, gff3 and paired end sequence data of your samples in fastq (any number).

  7. Flexibility to use single or multiple samples by uploading the public or private data directly from NCBI-SRA databases or through FTP link/AWS-S3 bucket.

  8. The users have options for changing the parameters; if not, the users can automate to run with default parameters.

  9. Integrated QC report for all your samples and will get 11 different quality parameters for your sample sequence data.

  10. Download all files such as indexed reference, samples, BAM files, VCF with annotations and more for other downstream applications.

The discovered mutations can be used for designing custom chip with highly informative SNPs/Indels for population screening, primer designing around mutations for amplicon sequencing, direct genotyping of your core population to discover allelic status from a single genomic locus through whole genome wide.

Karyosoft Inc. was founded with a mission to develop easy to use in-house genomics software solutions to help life scientists improve R&D efficiency and accelerate innovations. We believe life scientists should spend less time managing data and more time on answering biological questions that are valuable to their organizations. Our vision is to become industry leaders in providing next generation customized software solutions that make complex genomics data analytics simple in life sciences research. Karyosoft Inc. is a genomics software start-up headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA. ( Please send an email to for further information.

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